Checking in: 2023-06-05

Checking in for 2023-06-05. Last week my intention was to give attention to my most important tasks for at least 30m in the morning (before reading email, social media, and the like). I didn't do too well with this in part because of my chemo this week. I found myself being pretty tired overall. (previously, previously).

However I think I've made a pretty big breakthrough. This was while we were grocery shopping last night. I was wandering the aisles feeling a bit down on myself when I thought about the projects that I'm a fan of. Then I thought about the ones that were obviously labors of love but didn't quite resonate with me. Then I thought about the projects that I've seen that got eviscerated online in reviews. What I realized was that no matter what, the person who created those projects was that project's number one fan was the person or entity making the project. If those folks could be the number one fan of their projects then why can't I? Generally speaking I don't believe I would release crap into the world, so why not become a fan of my own work. That mind-shift got me thinking about why I'm so down on my projects (presentation, knowing where things didn't quite work out, etc.). But, honestly, even when I fail I can go back and look at the remains and think "damn, this wasn't as bad as I remembered it".

Moral of the story? Be your number one fan. If nothing else you'll at least have one person in your fan club.

That "fandom" got me to work on a game that I'm hoping to have done by this weekend. I have a set of 10 dice that have "who, what, where, when, why, and how" faces on them that were an impulse purchase too far. So I thought about how to use those in a game. Mindfulness: The Game (and yes, there's a typo in the repo name) is the result. Hoping to have this done by this weekend so perhaps I can give them away to folks. Seriously, there's 10 of these things, and I have a Question Die from Steve Jackson Games that fulfills the same task (while also having 1d6 and 1d3 sides). So these things are literally 10 dice to much. We'll see how this leads.

My intention is to continue to work on my MITs first-thing in the morning for 30 minutes. I'm incorporating this into my daily drills. Hoping that this practice leads to me having this game ready to go this weekend.