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  1. It doesn't have to go according to plan

    Content warning: food, gastrointestinal distress.

    Tonight my dad and I had dinner together for his birthday. I got two orders of fish and chips delivered (along with salads) around 4pm. Everything arrived on time.

    And then... I couldn't stop pooping.

    Basically I was pooping every few minutes while my dad …

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  2. Checking in: 2023-06-05

    Checking in for 2023-06-05. Last week my intention was to give attention to my most important tasks for at least 30m in the morning (before reading email, social media, and the like). I didn't do too well with this in part because of my chemo this week. I found myself …

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  3. Checking in: 2023-06-04

    Checking in for 2023-06-04:

    • It's my dad's birthday today so if you see him wish him a happy birthday.
    • I'm sitting in the living room with the most amazing breeze. I love this time of year when the mornings are cool and breezy. I like having the windows open when …
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  4. Recognizing my limitations

    This morning I woke up at 4am to take JoDee and my mom to a day-trip. Had everything gone according to plan I would have been on the road a little after 5am.

    Unfortunately at 5am I was still in the bathroom dealing with stuff. I couldn't complete my commitment …

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