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  1. Declutter: the decluttering

    I've been doing more decluttering in our house. This has been a slow process, but I've found it pretty helpful to help me focus on the things that I want to be part of my life. Nothing is immune from the decluttering. At the moment I've been looking through my …

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  2. It's never cake

    We got the results of my PET scan from last week. I have a saying about medical results now: "It's never cake", meaning that the likelihood of some positive news is unlikely. Well, the latest results bear this out. The cancer in my rectum seems to be shrinking but the …

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  3. Shitty Saturday

    Every so often (or "more often than not" for some months) I'll wake up on Friday thinking it's Saturday. This is what I've termed "shitty Saturday". Now, that doesn't mean that the day is necessarily shot, but it means that I need to work extra hard to not get sidelined …

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