1. Re-centering

    Ever since I went back on chemo I've been feeling a little scattershot. Part of this is because of the side effects that I was given at my last chemo round. The side effects seemed like more of the same, only worse (If you really want to find out more …

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  2. Side Effects

    I'm currently sitting in the chemo chair getting juiced up with the latest cocktail to handle my cancer. This is the start of the next 12 rounds of chemo for me. One thing that I've been thinking about today is side effects. One of the medications I'm receiving has the …

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  3. State of the pudding-brain

    Today I'm feeling the weight of the upcoming weeks on my psyche. Next week I start up my rounds of chemo again. This month was a welcome respite from having to think about the cancer busily working away inside of me. On Monday I'll likely get blood tests again to …

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