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  1. Drop the expectation

    I just ran into this with one of the notes that I wrote. In it I was discussing what I wanted to do for game programming / design and such, and the line that struck me (other than they're two sides of the same coin) was the following statement: "drop the …

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  2. The Any-Benefit

    I've been re-reading to "Deep Work" lately and I've really taken to the idea of reducing the number of "Any Benefit" things that eat up my time. These are sites / services where the lure of them is that they provide some benefit that makes them attractive to keep around. What …

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  3. Picking myself

    I've been thinking a lot about a recent podcast by Seth Godin about Picking Yourself called "You're It". In this he talks about the struggles of being picked and what that used to mean. In today's world it's easier than ever to pick yourself because you have access to getting …

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